Сэн Эй Икэнобо


I hope ikebana brings enjoyment to your life, and beauty to your heart.

Ikenobo’s history of over 500 years is a history of searching for essential truth in the life of flowers and plants. Ikebana’s essence and wellspring exists in the human heart before an arrangement appears as form. If one has a beautiful heart, the form of ikebana will also be beautiful. Ikebana enriches both the spirit and our daily lives, and in so doing it brings deep meaning to the joy of being alive. This essential equation is unchanging, regardless of place or historic period. Through the study of ikebana our hearts become benevolent, and we are filled with admiration for nature and the love of humankind. Thus, the creation of a beautiful cultural tradition brings bright promise for the future, a promise especially important for us today.


Forty-fifth Generation Ikenobo Headmaster